Get in the Game Business Expo 2019

Legacy Courts
April 17, 2019 11-4 p.m.

With so many interactions now happening online and through social media, the opportunity to meet with and showcase your products and services to prospective clients the old but improved way should be viewed as a distinct marketing advantage.

The Greater Lafayette Commerce Business Expo provides a great platform to meet and build relationships with key people in your industry and although social media has revolutionized how we interact, but nothing beats the opportunity to market your business face to face and gain qualified leads. Being a vendor at the Business Expo can provide the opportunity to meet new buyers and open your business to new markets. With marketing and advertising being directed at 1000’s of businesses in the Greater Lafayette region, you are sure to make contacts and build relationships far beyond your current reach.

The Greater Lafayette Commerce Business Expo gives you the opportunity to meet a large target audience under one roof and in one day, a feat that could otherwise take your sales team a number of months, if not years to do.

Get in the Game in 2019!